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Trulli v Toyote zostane
 Správa  17:21  29.12.2008   Autor: FORMULA-1.SK
Manažér Jarna Trulliho zavrhol informácie podľa ktorých chce Toyota nahradiť Taliana Kamuim Kobayashim, čo by mal byť krok k upokojenie vedenia v centrále Toyoty v Japonsku za súčasnej nelichotivej situácie - automobilka po prvý raz v jej histórii zaznamenala stratu.

"Sú to totálne nepodložené povery a ako zvyčajne začínajú na Internete,"  povedal Trulliho manažér Lucio Cavuto pre 

"Niekto závidí Jarnovi jeho kariéru vo  Formule 1. Ale v živote je lepšie keď vám závidia ako keď vás ľutujú."

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I going to be starting the Herbalife diet with my
hubby . Does it work?I am doing the full pack with
the upnslemepts, shakes, protein etc.List of
products:Herbalife Shakes Mixes: come in a variety
of flavors, and contain up to 20 essential vitamins
and minerals as well as health-enhancing herbs and
9g of soy protein, as well as being a healthy
source of fiber.Herbalife Herbal Concentrate:
Low-calorie tea-mix for a tasty and healthy
alternative to coffee and sodas -comes in several
flavors and includes selected herbs and green tea
for its thermogenic and antioxidant
properties.Herbalife Multivitamin Complex: A daily
multivitamin and mineral supply, plus selected
herbs, to maintain health of bones, skin, hair and
the immune system, and promote overall well-being
and long-term good health.Herbalife Cell Activator:
Essential nutrients, plus selected botanicals, to
improved nutrient absorption and support cellular
energy production and stamina.Herbalife Protein
Powder: a blend of unflavored whey and soy protein
powder, that is mixed in shakes, soups and sauces
to help maintain lean muscle mass and reduce
hunger.Herbalife Cell U Lossae: A supplement to
help reduce fluid accumulation in the body, shown
for example in dimpled skin which may form when
fatty tissues in certain parts of the body
accumulate fluid and wastes.Herbalife Total
Controlae: A herbal enhancer that works at the
cellular level to promote weight loss. Boosts
fat-burning metabolism, and builds energy and
soothes digestion. Contains green tea extract with
yerba mate9, ginger and other selected
herbs.Herbalife Snack Defense: A
weight-management supplement that works all day to
reduce the desire for sweets while lowering the
between-meals snacking urge.Also of course,
we will be doing more then just dieting , we will
be doing regular exercise.We have very busy life
styles, so this meal plan seems ideal for us,
rather then missing meals, or eating too much
making up for missed meals etc. Please anyone with
their stories if they've done this, please share.